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File.svg Artículo principal: 300 (series) 
Código de FabricanteOrigin Jumpworks GmbH (ORIG)
Rol PrincipalPathfinder
Fase de Producción
  • Flight Ready
  • Update Pass Scheduled
Tripulación Máxima1
Capacidad de Carga2 SCU
Precio en REC6500 REC
Precio65 USD
Peso sin carga66 140 kg
Velocidad Máxima en SCM265 m/s
Longitud24 m
Envergadura16 m
Altura7 m

The Origin 315p is the exploration variant of the 300 series. Featuring a more robust power plant and a custom scanning package, exclusively designed by Chimera Communications.[1]


Componente Fabricante Modelo Tamaño (Máx.) # per mount x total
TBD S Radar Pequeño (Pequeño) 1 x 1
TBD S Computer Pequeño (Pequeño) 1 x 1
Componente Fabricante Modelo Tamaño (Máx.) # per mount x total
Plantas de Potencia
Tyler Design & Tech SonicLite Pequeño (Pequeño) 1 x 1
Tyler Design & Tech HeatSafe Pequeño (Pequeño) 1 x 2
Ascension Astro Shimmer Pequeño (Pequeño) 1 x 2

Componente Fabricante Modelo Tamaño (Máx.) # per mount x Total
Consumo de Combustible
TBD S Fuel Intake Pequeño (Pequeño) 1 x 2
Tanques de Combustible
S Fuel Tank Pequeño (Pequeño) 1 x 2
Motores Cuánticos
TBD S Quantum Drive Pequeño (Pequeño) 1 x 1
Módulos de salto
TBD S Jump Module Pequeño (Pequeño) 1 x 1
Tanques de Combustible Cuántico
S Quantum Fuel Tank Pequeño (Pequeño) 1 x 1
Componente Fabricante Modelo Tipo # per mount x Total
Impulsores Principales
Main Thruster Principal 1 x 1
Impulsores de maniobra
Gimbal Maneuvering Thruster Giro libre 1 x 12

Componente Fabricante Modelo Tamaño (Máx.) # per mount x Total
Amon & Reese Co. Omnisky VI Laser Cannon 2 (2) 1 x 2
Thermyte Concern TaskForce I 1 (1) 1 x 1
Elementos Utilitarios
N/A N/A (1) 1 x 1



  • 300i: The 300i is the base mdoel of the 300 series.
  • 325a: The 325a is the combat variant of the 300 series.
  • 350r: The 350r is the racing variant of the 300 series.
  • 320c "Imperator's Edition": The 320c "Imperator's Edition" is a minor, one-off model themed for an Imperator event.[2]


Developing variants

In 2899, the 300 series launched a single model: the 300i. The designer of the 300i, Andreas Lang, was insistent that Origin would begin producing variants in the third model year by designing entirely new models to fulfill different specialized tasks. Origin, remembering the expense of the first prototype and the ensuing battle to lower production costs, balked at the idea. For all of the project’s rhetoric, later amplified by the series’ initial marketing, the company wanted to borrow an important aspect from RSI’s Aurora: a modular space frame designed to easily adapt variants. Like the Aurora, the 300 series would adapt the initial version into a host of different factory models built atop the standard design. By all accounts, the decision to develop variants instead of bespoke models soured Lang on the project altogether.[2]

The launch of 315p

In 2930, the Origin 315p was launched in 2930 as a ‘pocket explorer,’ an unusual attempt to marry the 300i’s lines with improved power output and a newly-developed scanning package. Despite the odd duck nature of the design, the 315p proved a reliable performer, with much of the success coming because smaller prospecting outfits were happy to have a dedicated spacecraft that could perform just as well, but provide the comfort and style that was often overlooked by other manufacturers.[2]



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