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Anthony Tanaka

Character in Star Citizen
Anthony Tanaka Remembrance Day.png
Anthony Tanaka
Race Human
Gender Male
Born 2745
Died 2757-12-03
Role Martyr
Faction UEE

Anthony Tanaka (* 2745 on Newcastle, Borea, Magnus System; † 2757-12-03, Magnus System) was a child worker. The circumstances of his life and death made him a figurehead in the fight against the Messer Regime.[1]


Tanaka was born as a son of two workers in the slums of Newcastle on Borea. At the time of his birth, Newcastle was an important manufacturing site for war goods. The government ruled over the planet with a hard hand. People disappeared and the movement was controlled by checkpoints. Child work was widespread and the population lived under harsh conditions. At age seven, Tanaka was ordered to work at the Airbol plant, cleaning scrubber systems, working six days a week.

After the takeover of Lane Corpos, life conditions deteriorated much further.

Circumstances of death

At the end of his sixteen-hour shift, Tanaka was ordered to pick up the shift of a co-worker. Tanaka refused the order loudly and was probably killed on the same place by an overseer. Footage of his death was smuggled out and fueled the resistance against the Messer regime.

See also

Anthony Tanaka Remembrance Day, a holiday held annually to commemorate his act of resistance.


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