Flashlight manufactured by Klaus & Werner
Brightspot Flashlight.jpg
ManufacturerKlaus & Werner (KLWE)
Production stateIntroduced in Alpha 3.18.0

The Brightspot is a size 1 underbarrel flashlight manufactured by Klaus & Werner.

It was introduced as a Subscriber flair, available to subscribers starting in March 2023. The Brightspot equips a gun with a light source that illuminates wherever the weapon is aimed. This allows for better target identification and acquisition. In addition to its combat use, the Brightspot enables explorers to observe their surrounds in low light conditions and respond immediately to threats that might have been startled by the light.

Pledge Store Description

The Brightspot flashlight embodies Klaus & Werner’s engineering ethos. A simple and sturdy design built to withstand intense combat and environmental conditions means the Brightspot always works when you need it most. This special edition projects a purple circle that makes the beam less conspicuous from a distance.


Image Name Description
Brightspot Flashlight.jpg
Purple This flashlight projects a circular purple light.


The Brightspot adds to the diversity of underbarrel attachments first introduced in Alpha 3.7.0.



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