Human personal armor manufacturer
Caldera - JP0810.svg
ProductsHigh-tech, durable personal armor, exploration-focused personal armor
Manufacturer codeCLDA
Area servedUnited Empire of Earth
Key peopleLayth Brentano (CEO)
FounderLayth Brentano, Tetsuya Lang, and Akili Harris

Caldera is a Human manufacturer of personal armor. Their products (such as high-tech spacesuits and exploration gear) are designed to withstand harsh environments. Their products also often feature internal communications devices and scanners so they can be utilized in remote locations. While not combat gear, it does come with some protection.[1]


The company was founded by UPARQ graduates in engineering Layth Brentano and Tetsuya Lang with the help of Akili Harris, a research pilot working for the Department of the Interior. Their first product was the Caldera suit, which started production in 2942 as the first product of the Caldera company.

Its most famous advertisement can be seen anywhere in the United Empire of Earth (UEE) and features an intrepid explorer dressed in a Caldera suit climbing a snowy volcano caldera until it reaches the summit, revealing an amazing vista. Then the advertisement displays the motto:

«Take the next step»




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