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Cano I

Mesoplanet in the Cano system
Cano I - Zoomed Out.png
Cano I
AffiliationUnited Empire of Earth
LocationUEE space
Cano system
└─ Orbiting Cano (star)
Natural Satellites0
Landing Zones0

This tidally locked mesoplanet rapidly orbits the central star. It has an abundance of crystalline formations running along the crust near its terminator. Caused by oversaturated molten material flowing towards the dark side of the world, extra material is ejected as it cools and helps to continue the growth of these beautiful structures. Unfortunately, the inhospitable environment makes visiting these natural wonders quite difficult.

Cano I has been called a literal "tourist trap" in recent years, with those visiting the planet to get a look at its natural beauty frequently becoming stranded. With three reported deaths already this year, it is recommended that those wishing to enjoy the vistas do so through a simpod.[1]


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