Terrestrial Rocky in the Chronos system
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Schwester : Chronos II
ClassificationTerrestrial Rocky
AffiliationUnited Empire of Earth
LocationUEE space
Chronos system
└─ Orbiting Chronos (star)
Artificial Satellites1

Chronos II, nicknamed Schwester is a uninhabitable terrestrial rocky planet in the Chronos System. Actually, the planet was selected to be the home of facilities to support the Terraforming of Synthworld which were never built.


Schwester has a dense atmosphere, but no Flora and Fauna. It lies relatively close to the Chronos Star.

"Kanis Caper" Political Scandal

In 2782, Imperator Salehi annouced Project Archangel and the creation of a new planet in the System. Schwester should orignally take an important role in the Project. It was planned to build harvesting and refining facilites to collect greenhouse gases in Schwester's atmosphere, but in 2925 a Senate attache found out that those buildings were never erected. A senior foreman on the project, Ellie Kanis, had been skimming from the vast project fund undetected for years.[1]


  • Schwester is the german word for "sister".


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