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Fiona Messer

Character in Star Citizen
Fiona Messer
Race Human
Gender Female
Born 2768
Died 2792 (disappeared)
Faction UEE
Citizenship Status UEE Citizen

Fiona Messer was the younger child of Ulysses Messer, sister and heir of the last Messer monarch, Linton Messer.[1]

She and her brother organized a coup against their father Ulysses on 12 August 2781. Fiona "founded a resistance movement and made contact to anti-goverment activists" (i.e. Tide).[1][2] A turn, which later led to her brothers and her own downfall. After forcing their father to suicide, Linton was empowered. Her exact role in the Empire after the plot is unknown. The Galactapedia notes that "she engaged in seditious activities with elements inside the UEE to remove Linton from power and inherit his position."

Linton was deposed in May 2792, but she escaped and disappeared under unknown circumstances.

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