Freeman Act

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The Freeman Act was a piece of legislation which was enacted between 2271 and 2380 (most likely in 2281) by the World Summit, the precursor of the United Nations of Earth to finance the terraforming process of Croshaw II and Croshaw III.[1]


The exact content of the act isn't handed down in the Lore. The act guaranteed participants the free right to settle in the Croshaw system and a one-way transfer into the system for a certain amount of money which was used to finance the funding of the terraforming.


After unsuccessful attempts of private corporations and single governments to finance their ventures, the Croshaw Expansion Committee was appointed to take control of the expansion into the system. The Freeman Act was enacted but the public interest was very limited at first. The Galactic Guide described it as 'the thought of living in a new system entirely proved to be a truly scary concept.'[1] Marketing and firsthand accounts from the system eased the public restraint and the process was finished in 2380.


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