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System Summary
System Type Single Star
Size 9 AU
Star Type Main Sequence Dwarf-G
Affiliation Developing
Planets 4
Jump Points 4
Space Stations 1

Thanks to the unchecked greed of the era, Garron System is almost exclusively known for the Massacre of Garron II (2792). While that atrocity ultimately ignited the downfall of the Messers, a developing species was casually exterminated in the process. Now the system exists as a memorial to the potential dangers of terraforming.


Garron I

A terrestrial planet located so close to the system's star, the entire surface is covered in lava.

Vale : Garron II

Protected under the Fair Chance Act.

While the revolution removed the Messers before the terraforming had completed, the indigenous species were long dead. The new Imperator, Erin Toi, shut down the terraformers and declared the planet a natural habitat/preserve. UEE scientists have since worked to help the planet revert back to its original form.

Garron III

A super-Earth that formed near the frost line, so it's too cold for life. There are multiple mining operations currently operating on the surface.

Garron IV

A lifeless planet on the fringe.

Known Jump Points

Jump Gate Type Size Destination
Garron - Banshee Large Banshee
Garron - Idris Large Idris
Garron - Bacchus Medium Bacchus
Garron - Leir Small Leir