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System TypSingle Star
Größe133 AU
SternartMain Sequence Dwarf-O
Jump Points3

Geddon is a system of the Banu Protectorate, located two jumps behind the Perry line. It is home to a single planet, Tat’Ko.[1] While Geddon I is hostile to Humans, it is habitable to the Banu who have established arcologies below the surface to harvest its valuable resources.

Gravitational Governors


Geddon is a Main Sequence Dwarf-O star.


Tat'Ko : Geddon I

Vast, volatile underground volcanoes have given Geddon I extreme weather patterns and a harsh atmosphere that Humans find inhospitable. However, the Banu, able to easily live in such conditions, have built arcologies, known by Humans as 'Spires', deep into the planet's surface to better harvest the abundant resources to be found there.

Bekannte Jump Points

Jump Gate Type Size Destination
Geddon - Corel Large Corel
Geddon - Gliese Large Gliese
Geddon - Bacchus Large Bacchus



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