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Hedeby Gunworks

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Hedeby Gunworks
IndustryWeapon Manufacturing
Manufacturer CodeHDGW
FounderAltruis Hedeby

Hedeby Gunworks is a personal weapon manufacturer, known for its elegant and classic designs.[1]


Hedeby Gunworks was founded by Altruis Hedeby. After an early life of working at a scrap foundry in Tram and learning metalworking under Chae Ekstrom, he began as a small backyard forge of his own in 2921. Initially he combined gun repair work with experimental weapons modifications, but started creating his own weapons using new designs and old techniques. After an initial growth, he moved his forge to a larger location and started training apprentices to ease his workload.

His traditional pistols and rifles became popular with locals, but Hedeby wanted to put his mark on the field by crafting his very own style. Taking designs from Banu style learned from Ekstrom, he created the Salvo Frag Pistol. It initially started as a normal pistol, but when Hedeby added a freezing primer to mitigate overheating, he realized he could create a supercooled casing that could be shattered into a spray of deadly fragments. When he first fired the gun, the boom nearly knocked him off his feet. The gun became an instant hit, and investors wanted to fund the company's expansion. The brand of Hedeby became popular amongst collectors and gun enthusiasts. Hedeby made sure the company's expansion kept its signature style and unique production techniques, that to this day blends hand-forging and machining together.[2]

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