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This example ship article is to designed to help with adding new ships to the wiki. Just follow the instructions below.

Usage Instructions

Create a new article, switch to the Source tab in the article editor, and then Copy and paste the following. Update each line, as appropriate.

|description=Description, 160 Char limit
{{TNT|Infobox Ship
| Name =
| Image = ShipImage.png
| Manufacturer = 
| Primary Focus = 
| Secondary Focus = 
| Production State =
| Max. Crew = 
| UEC Cost = 
| REC Cost = 
| Pledge Cost = 
| Cargo Capacity = 
| Length = 
| Height =
| Beam = 
| Max. SCM Speed = 
| Max. Cruise Speed = 
| Fuel Capacity =
| Null-cargo Mass =
An official description should go here.


== History ==
The lore goes here.

== Model ==

=== Factory Specifications ===
Table goes here.

==== Propulsion ====
Table goes here.

==== Weapon Hardpoints ==== 
Table goes here.

==== Additional Equipment ====
Table goes here.


<references />

{{Company Navplate|}} {{Ship Navplate}}

Additional Instructions

  • If a ship image is available, please replace the text that reads Ship image placeholder.png on the | Image = line and in the <gallery> with the filename.
  • Place wiki links: [[ ]] around linkable items.
  • Use templates where needed, such as the TR template for thrusters, the RSIShipSpecs template and RSI template for references, or the RSIForumComment template with developer forum quotes.


Article Naming Rules

1) The article can not contain the name of the manufacturer. For example, Aurora is acceptable, but "RSI Aurora" is not.

2) Ship variants should have their own page, as should the general ship class. Example - Mustang (series) & Mustang Alpha

Categorization / Focus Rules

1) The Focus fields in the Ship Infobox must match the official source, with two exceptions:

1a) Ships with a focus of Racer or Racing are to be listed as Racing ships. This was chosen because CIG's latest brochures use Racing.
1b) Ships with a focus of Interceptor or Interception are to be listed as Interception ships. This was chosen because CIG's latest brochures use Interception.

2) Wiki categories can include roles from the ship's description. For example, the Starfarer can be placed in the Fuel Transporter category.