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System TypeBinary
Size31 AU
Star TypeMain Sequence Dwarf-A, White Dwarf Degenerate-A
Asteroid Belts1
Jump Points4

A binary star system on the border of Human and Xi’an space, Indra is a former Perry Line system that the Xi’an have designated as a vibrant and diverse shipping hub where capital ships dock to unload cargo for transport deeper into Xi’an space. This free flow of trade has led to more relaxed security protocols than other Xi’an systems. It has also become a popular destination among Xi’an youth looking to experience Human culture without fully venturing into UEE territory.

Gravitational Governors

Indra A

Indra A is a Main Sequence Dwarf-A star.

Indra B

Indra B is a White Dwarf Degenerate-A star.


Indra I

A ringed gas giant whose atmosphere of hydrogen and helium produces churning storms visible from space.

Indra I's moon Indra 1A is the system's only habitable body.

Indra II

An ice planet that suffers from extreme seasons due to the planet's tilted axis.

Asteroid Belts

The Idris system contains one asteroid belt. Belt Alpha is located at the system's edge.

Known Jump Points

Jump Gate Type Size Destination
Indra - Ayr'ka Large Ayr'ka
Indra - Osiris Large Osiris
Indra - Kins Large Kins
Indra - Hadur Small Hadur