Issue:Ship Page Enhancement

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Ship Page Enhancement
Type Project
Description Update and enhance ship pages with up-to-date sections and information
Date Created 2016-12-30
Priority Medium
Status Completed
Leader DuskFyre

Issue Tasklist

Task Description Date Added Priority Status
History and features Extract information from ship brochures and related comm-link and input into the relevant ship page 2016-12-30 High In Progress
Pictures Updated the infobox and gallery section with up-to-date images. Also add high quality community screenshots if avaliable 2016-12-30 Medium In Progress
Rewrite first paragraph or sentence Describe the ship in a sentence or two for hovercard usage. For example, The Drake Caterpillar is an affordable modular cargo ship. 2016-12-30 Medium In Progress
Adding references to unreferenced pages <--- 2016-12-30 Low In Progress
Archive and track pledge price history Keep track of limited ship sales and record the price. Also dig up the old prices of the ship. 2016-12-30 Low In Progress

Sample Pages

Single crew ships

Multi-crew ships

  • Caterpillar (WIP, features and modules are missing, gallery needs to be updated)