Looking for Closure

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Looking for Closure
Gundo 3.jpg
Mission Summary
Priority Secondary
Type Delivery
UEC Buy In 0
Start Location Crusader, Stanton System
Mission Giver Sam Besser
Requirements Completion of P.I. Wanted
Difficulty Easy
Faction None

Looking for Closure is a delivery mission that can appear after completion of P.I. Wanted, in which Sam Besser requests that you return his wife Claudia Besser's possessions after her death aboard Covalex Hub Gundo.

Mission Brief

"They said that I could find someone here to go to Gundo for me and grab a crate that belonged to my wife. If the name didn't ring a bell, that's the station where they had that big accident. My wife worked for Covalex and I know it's not really going to make losing her any easier, but I really just want Claudia's stuff back. I think about her photo collection or the necklace I gave her just sitting there in that cold dead station in some box marked 249 and it's not right. She deserves better. So how about it? You willing to go to Gundo and haul her crate back to Levski?"