Magda Hurston

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Magda Hurston.png
Magda Hurston
Race Human
Gender Female
Born 2833
Died 2921
Role Former CEO of Hurston Dynamics
Faction UEE

Magda Hurston was the CEO of Hurston Dynamics and mother of Gavin E. Hurston. She decided to buy Stanton I, now called Hurston. Hurston's moon Stanton 1c is named after her.[1]

"2904 - Hurston Dynamics purchases governing interest and settlement rights for Stanton I and its four moons frm the UEE. This is the first time a corporation has ever been granted this unique privilege.

2906 - Hurston's first antimatter refinery begins production. 2912 - The city of Lorville is founded. Construction of Central Tower begins.

2914 - The contruction of Central Tower completes."

–Plaques in Archibald Hurston Memorial Hall, Lorville