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Miles Bounty

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Miles Eckhart Bounty Missions

Miles Eckhart gives bounty hunting type missions.

Alpha 3.9

Starting with Alpha 3.9 Miles Eckhart gives a mission chain to hunt down the "Arlington Gang", consisting of Maltrox Arlington, Kass Dent, Nicks Cantwell, Sam 'Weepy' Arlington, Oslo Arlington, and Les Arlington. The missions take place in the vicinity of Hurston.

Les Arlington

This is the introductory mission. After completing this mission the next ones will automatically appear on your mobiGlas without having to visit Miles again. You have to be in the Hurston vicinity to receive followup missions however.

Nicks Cantwell

Sam "Weepy" Arlington

Sam Arlington uses ballistic scatterguns, while this support uses distortion weapons to take down shields, which results in a very effective combination.

Oslo Arlington

Kass Dent