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System Summary
System Type Rogue Planet
Size 1 AU
Star Type No Star
Affiliation Unclaimed
Planets 1
Jump Points 2

Min is unique among Human systems in that its main focus is not a star but, instead, a rogue gas giant with four orbiting moons. The system lacks resources or much of interest. Still, life has found a way to inhabit this system. Bioluminescent bacteria exist on Min 1b and a small group of settlers have even established an encampment there.[1]

Discovered in 2473 in an unlikely nexus of jump points, the tiny system of Min is an anomaly as most known jump points converge around stars. It is a scientific mystery how Min accquired them.[2]


Min I

Min I is a gas giant dominated by ammonia clouds. Unattached to any known star it is drifting through space and pulling four orbiting moons along with it.[3]

Known Jump Points

Jump Gate Type Size Destination
Min - Nexus Large Nexus
Min - Ellis Small Ellis