Nova Pyrotechnika

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Nova Pyrotechnika
IndustryShip Weapon Manufacturing
Manufacturer CodeNOVP

Nova Pyrotechnica is a ship weapon manufacturer.[1]


Lawsuit against the family of Xander Castillo

In 2945, the family of the deceased Xander Castillo filed a lawsuit against Nova Pyrotechnica regarding the faulty quality of the company's ship missiles. The lawsuit claims that Nova is negligent in the death of Citizen Castillo. Dozen of other UEE citizens also claim similar tragic stories, and multiple reports cited in the lawsuit shows that missiles made by Nova Pyrotechnica malfunction more frequently than others. In conjunction with the lawsuit, the Castillo family filled a complaint with the Weapons, Munitions and Firearms Bureau in UEE to tighten the limits on the amount of cannonade allowed in missiles made for public use.[1]