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United Explorers Association [UEA]
FocusExploration, Security and Trade
TimezoneGMT +10:00 [AEST]
HeadquartersPrime Towers, 672 Avin Parade, Prime City , Terra III – Terra


Discord Server
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The United Explorers Association or UEA is an exploration, private security and survey organisation and is one of the leading providers in cartographic data in the empire.

Who We Are

Welcome to the UEA, the United Explorers Association. The UEA has been at the forefront of stellar exploration since the 26th century. Now as the turn of the 31st looms just over the horizon, we have better technology and resources at our aid to assist our adventures among the stars.

Base Of Operations

Approximately two decades after the colonisation of Terra, the UEA was formed and set up shop in Prime. Since then we have spread across the Empire with outposts and headquarters in multiple systems including but not limited to, Stanton, Sol, Ellis, Leir, Centauri and Min. We look forward to expanding in the future as we continue to explore the great expanse.



The Exploration Division is the main section of the UEA. The exploration division is responsible for the survey and collection of cartographic data in addition to scientific discovery such as stellar phenomenon. The exploration division works with all other divisions of the UEA such as the Trade and Mining division for geological survey.


The UEA Security Division is responsible for security in the organisation as well as the wider UEE. The division also provides peacekeeping operations to other orgs and governments.


The Prospecting Division is responsible for the collection of minerals and materials and their transportation to their destinations. This division is also responsible for the UEA's Search and Rescue team.

Our Goal

The UEA is an exploration initiative that shall wander the expanse in both Human and Alien space. Searching for anything from new human colonisation targets to vast resource deposits or previously unidentified stellar phenomenon. Our intentions are to serve the UEE and provide scientific and exploration data to all.

Our Focus

The main focus in the UEA is exploration. We dedicate ourselves to venturing out into the expanse and finding anything from jump points to new star systems or various anomalies. The UEA prides itself in discovery and diplomacy. We have multiple teams working on various tasks such as:

  • Exploration and Cartographic Survey
  • Scientific Research
  • Colonisation
  • Trading
  • Prospecting And Mining
  • Search And Rescue

It is our hope that you will be able to fill a vital role in our organization and help us explore the great unknown.

UEA Distant Stars Initiative.png

Our Belief

In the UEA we believe in diplomacy and equality to all people. It is the best and most efficient way to collaborate and coordinate with each other to get things done quickly and efficiently. We believe in peace and unity for everyone. That said, our exploration fleets will often be joined by scouts and or escort craft. And when the first shot has been fired, we will not hesitate to protect the peace in not only our organisation but the UEE at large.

Services Provided By The UEA

Freelance Exploration:
UEA Distant Stars Initiative 3.png
The UEA is also capable of using its fleet to assist others in exploration through Recon, Prospecting and Cartography among a myriad of other potential tasks. We are happy to assist in any of your exploration needs.

Freelance Trading:

A smaller section of our fleet is used to ship cargo to and from our headquarters, we are happy to lend a hand if you require cargo moved from point A to B. We have you covered.

Search And Rescue:

If you’re stuck out in the black with no way to return to civilization, the UEA can help. We have a team dedicated to rescuing people from the brink whether you’ve ejected in combat and survived or simply been thrown away from your ship, the UEA can help get you back on track.

Peacekeeping Operations:

The UEA is involved with various peacekeeping operations. We have various combat craft in our fleet ranging from the Anvil Arrow to the Hornet. If you are in need of these services then feel free to contact us on Spectrum.


We have many positions to fill in different divisions throughout the organisation. If you wish to join us you can contact us via our Org Page or for management positions, contact us via discord.


1. All members must abide by orders and must not fall out of line, although a leeway will be given.

2. All members must not have a malicious record and must be on the civil side of the law.

3. All members must not be involved with another organization that is based around Piracy, Bounty Hunting or any Org with malicious intents.

4. Be respectful to other members of the UEA.

5. All members must remain peaceful in hostile situations and must NEVER fire the first shot unless given strict instructions to do so.

6. The most important rule of all, Have Fun. That is what exploration is supposed to be.

Remember, the ‘Verse is a big place. Enjoy yourself and discover its true beauty.