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ORG:United Explorers Association

Player organization in Star Citizen
United Explorers Association [UEA]
FocusExploration, Security and Trade
TimezoneGMT +10:00 [AEST]
HeadquartersPrime Towers, 672 Avin Parade, Prime City , Terra III – Terra

The United Explorers Association or UEA is an exploration, private security and survey organisation and is one of the leading providers of cartographic data in the empire.

Who We Are

Welcome to the UEA, the United Explorers Association. The UEA has been at the forefront of stellar exploration since 2946 and is one of the leading suppliers of cartographic data in the UEE. We also provide a variety of other services such as security, shipping, search and rescue and geological survey.

Base Of Operations

Located in the beautiful Prime Towers in Terra Prime is the HQ of the UEA. Our headquarters are home to the majority of the UEA’s resources and personnel. Additionally, our expansive fleet is located at Prime Interstellar Spaceport just 5 minutes away. The UEA also has branches in New York, Sol and New Babbage, Stanton with many outposts located in systems such as Ellis, Leir, Centauri and Min.



Our main focus in the UEA is exploration and cartographic survey. Using our flagship Anvil Carrack, the UEA Intrepid, we have been able to push further into the expanse to discover and survey unidentified stellar phenomenon. Our goal is to provide scientific research, cartographic and geological survey and stellar mapping services to not just the UEE but other organisations and private companies.


The UEA also performs peacekeeping and security operations in collaboration with private mercenary groups and governments. Operations may involve law enforcement, authorised bounty hunting, perimeter protection or area surveillance.


The UEA has a foothold in the economy when it comes to shipping and hauling for various organisations such as Covalex and FTL. We have established operations in not just intersystem trade, but local and planetside movement of commodities and organisation resources.

Our Goal

Our goal as an organisation is to bring the galaxy to you and provide you with scientific and cartographic data for all citizens in the UEE. When including our other services of security and shipping, we hope that the UEA is the right organisation for you.

Our Belief

The UEA holds a strong belief in diplomacy and peace for all. We are a lawful organisation who will not tolerate unlawful behaviour or unnecessary aggression toward civilians, citizens or organisations. If a private group or sole civilians threatens UEA personnel or UEE civilians, we will respond with force.


We have many positions to fill in different divisions throughout the organisation. If you wish to join us you can contact us via our Org Page or for management positions, contact us via discord.


1. All members show a decent level of respect to other memebers.

2. All members must not have a malicious record.

3. All members must not be involved with another organization that is based around piracy, bounty hunting or any org with malicious intents.

4. All members must NEVER go out of their way to injure or harm law-abiding citizens or organisations.

6. The most important rule of all, have fun. That is what exploration is supposed to be.

Remember, the ‘Verse is a big place. Enjoy yourself and discover its true beauty.