Terrestrial Rocky in the Tal system
Oli'Sha: Tal II
ClassificationTerrestrial Rocky
AffiliationXi'an Empire
LocationXi'an space
Tal system
└─ Orbiting Tal (star)

Oli'Sha ( Xi'an: 9o0li2xa(Oli'xa) (Proper); ) is a terrestrial world of the Xi'an Empire that acts as Tal's technology hub. The factories of Oli'xa produce some of the most advanced ship parts in the entire 'verse. Every building on Oli'xa is painted a bright yellow. The hum of machinery and the flow of workers moving in and out of the yellow buildings has earned Oli'xa the nickname “The Hive” among Human visitors.

It is not uncommon to see humans living on Oli'xa, though to do so you will need a valid work permit. Human corporations have also begun to seek out opportunities on the planet, with MISC recently establishing a small branch to facilitate deals with the Xi'an. This branch was the central development site of the avionics software used in their Reliant line.[1]


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