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System TypeSingle Star
Size44 AU
Star TypeMain Sequence Dwarf-G
Asteroid Belts0
Discovered in2587
Discovered byLt Eli Price
Jump Points5

One of the Perry Line systems that was given to the UEE during the military de-escalation, Oya’s numerous resources had long been coveted by mining consortiums who were kept at bay by the military. Once the system was opened for private travel, they rushed in to snatch up property and get to work.

Gravitational Governors


Oya is a Main Sequence Dwarf-G star.


Oya I

A small, rocky terrestrial without an atmosphere.

Oya II

The second planet in the system is a coreless planet that’s being actively mined.


Before the Perry Line was formed, Oya III was in the process of being colonized by the Xi’An and was home to a settlement. The inhabitants were displaced back into Xi’An territory when tensions began to rise. Even though the planet is under UEE control, the former Xi’An settlement was given back to the Xi’An Empire as an act of good faith, making it the only slice of sovereign alien territory within the Empire.

Oya IV

A small distant planetoid.

Known Jump Points

Jump Gate Type Size Destination
Oya - Eealus Small Eealus
Oya - Gurzil Small Gurzil
Oya - Tohil Medium Tohil
Oya - Hadrian Large Hadrian
Oya - Castra Large Castra


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