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P4-CQB Ballistic Rifle

Personal weapon
Behring cqb concept by drzoidberg96-d9f2aex.jpg
P4-CQB Ballistic Rifle
ManufacturerBehring Applied Technology (BEHR)
TypeAssault Rifle
Damage TypeBallistic

Behring's P4-CQB is a Ballistic Rifle. The P4-CQB uses a similar bullpup layout to that of the P8-SG, with the front of the mag-well connecting to the back of the pistol grip. It has a lower rail that doubles as a hand-guard, an extended barrel sheathe and a long upper rail with front and rear flip-up iron sights and a rail-raiser for attaching a scope. The fixed stock has a space that appears to be used to move the off-hand to, so as to move the rifle to the opposite side of the body while still operating the trigger with one's main hand, which could be useful in tight spaces. The front of the weapon features a sling attachment point.