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Personal Effects

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Personal Effects
Gundo 3.jpg
Mission Summary
Priority Secondary
Type Delivery
UEC Buy In 0
Start Location Crusader, Stanton System
Mission Giver Anya Sugari
Requirements Completion of P.I. Wanted
Difficulty Easy
Faction None

Personal Effects is a delivery mission that can appear after completion of P.I. Wanted, in which Anya Sugari requests that you return her boyfriend Scott Hammell's possessions after his death aboard Covalex Hub Gundo.

Mission Brief


I'll totally understand if you don't want to help with this, but if you can it would be amazing.

See, my boyfriend passed away during the Covalex Gundo tragedy. They said I would get all of Scott's stuff back once the investigation was complete, but as far as I know, it's been done for a while now and they still haven't given any indication of when I can get his property. It's been hard enough dealing with all this, and knowing that a package is going to show up in a month or two and rip open all these wounds, it's just too much. I would prefer to deal with it now and get it over with. If you could find a way to get his personal effects (Employee ID# 104) and drop them off at Port Olisar, I'd be very grateful.

Thanks for your help,