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Pyro system

Single star system with 6 planets.
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Quick facts:
Pyro system
Pyro 2D.png
Pyro system
Single Star
9.83 AU
Star type
Flare Star
Astronomical objects
Jump points
Discovered in
2469 CE; 485 years ago (2469) (data)
2493 CE; 461 years ago (2493) (visited)
Discovered by
Raj MacEwan (data)
PyAm Explorer (visited)

The Pyro system is a dangerous and mostly anarchic system characterized by an unstable star. Originally claimed in 2493 by Pyrotechnic Amalgamated for its lucrative mining sites, intense solar flares caused the company to abandon the system in 2563 after extracting most precious metals from its planets. Since then, independent organizations, pioneer settlers, and pirate gangs such as the Headhunters, 73R Vipers, Fire Rats, Rough & Ready, and XenoThreat have made the system their home.

No central governing authority controls the system. Instead, competing gangs rule over ever-changing sectors of control between rival clans. The general rule cited by residents is: "whoever has the most guns wins."[1] However, control over some strategic locations such as Ruin Station and its drug labs confers significant power upon its ruling faction and de facto system leadership status.[2]

Pyro's sun went into a prolonged nova phase long before mankind reached for the stars and little is known of the original makeup of the system. Six planets remain, with life and human inhabitants clinging on where possible. Every planet in the system is at some level of decay. Any improperly shielded spacecraft will sustain residual damage from Pyro's star while making transit through the system,[1] and radiation exposure can be deadly for individuals.

Original Systems' Arena Commander Dying Star map is located between Pyro I and Pyro II.[3]


In 2469, the Earth-flagged tanker ship Roustabout was traveling through the Cano system. Watch Officer Raj MacEwan noted a gravitational anomaly thirty thousand kilometers off the transport's port bow.[2] A detailed report was sent to the ship's corporate owners and Pyro's eventual namesake, Pyrotechnic Amalgamated, but no action was taken. Twenty-four years later, when Pyrotechnic was seeking new mining territories, CEO Cecile Uchiha ordered a review of old scan records and noted the original report from the Roustabout. They dispatched an exploration ship to the region and formally discovered the jump point to Pyro, and soon began to chart its environs.[2]

Surveys noted the overall disarray of the planetary system, the effects of the unusual solar activity from the star on their equipment, the difficulty of finding transportable resources, and the unlikelihood that the company could afford to successfully terraform anything there. The board fiercely debated what to do with their discovery, but ultimately decided to deliver Pyro’s coordinates to the United Nations of Earth in hopes of collecting government subsidies.[3]

After obtaining control of the system, the UNE carried out a comprehensive survey. While some of the findings seemed promising, such as the presence of potentially profitable mineral deposits on Pyro II, others indicated danger, especially concerning the possible consequences of living under a flare star. The UNE determined that it would sponsor a pilot program measuring the effects of solar flares on Humans before officially claiming the system, and opened Pyro up to commercial use in the meantime. If the results of the study proved positive, Pyro would be given the green light for colonization.

The system was never formally claimed, however, and the UNE shifted its terraforming efforts to the Magnus and Terra systems after their discovery around the early 26th century. Later, the formation of the United Planets of Earth caused a complete governmental restructure, leaving projects in the Pyro system unfinished. Only Pyrotechnic Amalgamated remained, but their equipment faced continual damage from the frequent solar flares. Without government subsidies, maintenance costs eventually bankrupted the company in 2563. With a plethora of abandoned facilities around the system ready for takeover, Pyro soon transformed into a haven for marauding gangs. By the late 27th century, it had become a nexus of outlaw activity, and doing anything commercial with it seemed more trouble than it was worth. Few corporations attempted the feat, and all inevitably failed.[2]

Gravitational governors


Pyro is a K-type main sequence flare star, also known as a variable star.[4] It is 11.3 billion years old and in a prolonged nova phase, sporadically undergoing dramatic changes in brightness within a few minutes, emitting powerful solar flares that blanket parts of the system with bursts of radiation.[2] In case of direct exposure, pilots must immediately take cover and administer anti-radiation medication via a DeconPen. Vehicle shields and electrical systems are affected by the flares and can be left inactive in cases of high or prolonged exposure.[5]


Pyro I

Pyro 1 - Icon.png
Orbiting very close to Pyro's volatile star, this planet of a silicate crust has high atmospheric pressure and even higher temperatures.[6] Despite this and the powerful winds and frequent lightning strikes here, there is yet an ecosystem of plants and animals that endure the environment.[7]

Monox : Pyro II

Pyro 2 - Icon.png
The coreless Monox, nicknamed for the toxic carbon monoxide in its part-oxygen atmosphere, bears the scars of old mining operations.[8] Despite its temperate climate, the planet couldn't be cleared for terraformation due to its proximity to the volatile Pyro star. By the time the last mining operations concluded here, outlaws eventually took up residence on the planet in the 26th century.[9]

Bloom : Pyro III

Pyro 3 - Icon.png
This icy terrestrial world has a naturally breathable atmosphere of nitrogen and oxygen and has been overrun by outlaws.[10] Pyrotechnic Amalgamated and other corporations made an epicenter of mining operations out of this planet. Squatters, outlaws, and former miners who lacked the means to return to the United Empire of Earth (UEE) came when mining operations ceased here in the 26th century.[11]

Pyro IV

Pyro 4 - Icon.png
Astronomers theorize that in the distant past, Pyro IV collided with a planet-sized body, warping the landscape and knocking it into the orbit of Pyro V.[12] A new atmosphere has since formed, though the planet is constrained to a long, slow collision course with Pyro V and is expected to one day crash into the gas giant or transform into planetary rings.[13]

Pyro V

Pyro 5 - Icon.png
The largest planet in the Pyro system, Pyro V has a striking atmosphere swirled with shades of green and yellow.[14] This planet was given its designation after researchers found strong evidence that Pyro IV orbited Pyro proper in the past. Residents and travelers of Pyro are known to harvest hydrogen from the atmosphere.[15]

Terminus : Pyro VI

Pyro 6 - Icon.png
Terminus is a frigid, barely-habitable planet with a methane-laced atmosphere.[16] Although having enough nitrogen and oxygen to be breathable, prolonged exposure is known to have a negative effect on one's health due to the methane and carbon dioxide. In its orbit, Ruin Station, the former Pyrotechnic Amalgamated main hub of operations, is home to multiple gangs who have made Terminus into a frequent site of clashes.[17]

Asteroid belts

Akiro Cluster

A charred cluster of blackened asteroids. While mostly worthless, some rare materials can be found here.[18]

Minor clusters

  • BGR-560
  • CAJ-445
  • EMM-567
  • FSN-704
  • GRP-839
  • JWY-925
  • HJS-232
  • KKE-717
  • LHB-976
  • MNK-833
  • NDB-102
  • PQE-291
  • RSC-340
  • SGL-693
  • SZA-178
  • TYS-908
  • VUP-613
  • WDH-387
  • YKA-011

Active space stations

Checkmate Station

Located at the L4 Lagrange point of Monox, this dilapidated station was originally established by Pyrotechnic Amalgamated to supply their workers with fuel and other resources. Today, the fierce Rough & Ready gang uses the station to offer outlaws traveling the system a place to stop for fuel, supplies, and a bit of entertainment. Just be sure to mind your manners.[5]

Dudley & Daughters

A station at Terminus' L4 Lagrange point.


A station at Terminus' L3 Lagrange point.


A station at Pyro V's L2 Lagrange point.

Megumi Refueling

A station at Terminus' L5 Lagrange point.


High in orbit above Bloom, Orbituary is home to the Rough & Ready gang.

Patch City

Another station under command by the Rough and Ready gang, located at Bloom's L3 Lagrange point.

Rat's Nest

Located at Pyro V's L5 Lagrange point.

Rod's Fuel 'N Supplies

An independently-owned rest station at Pyro V's L4 Lagrange point.

Ruin Station

An orbital platform originally built by Pyrotechnic Amalgamated to serve as a hub for their operations in the system, it was only in use by the company for a short time before it was abandoned. Since then, the platform has become a refuge for black market traders and warring pirate gangs, and is now known as Ruin Station.[18] In 2947, XenoThreat seized control of the station, making them the de facto rulers of Pyro.[2][3]

Starlight Service Station

Owned by Citizens for Pyro and located at Bloom's L1 Lagrange point, Starlight Service Station aims to be a civilized refueling and rest stop for pilots.

Abandoned space stations

Various derelict stations from Pyrotechnic Amalgamated's mining efforts still exist scattered around the system:

Known jump points

Jump gate Direction Size Destination
Pyro - Cano Bidirectional Small Cano - Pyro, in Cano system
Pyro - Castra Bidirectional Large Castra - Pyro, in Castra system
Pyro - Hadrian Bidirectional Small Hadrian - Pyro, in Hadrian system
Pyro - Nyx Bidirectional Medium Nyx - Pyro, in Nyx system
Pyro - Oso Bidirectional Small Oso - Pyro, in Oso system
Pyro - Stanton Bidirectional Medium Stanton - Pyro, in Stanton system
Pyro - Terra Bidirectional Small Terra - Pyro, in Terra system



  • Pyro is the second system that will be added to The Persistent Universe.
  • Earlier in development, all planets of the Pyro system were said to be lifeless[19], but this was changed once development reached the system.[3]

Loremaker's Guide to the Galaxy



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