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Restore Comm Array

Job mission from Aciedo
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Restore Comm Array
Priority Primary
Type Job
UEC Buy In 0
UEC Pay 1000 per Objective
Start Location CommArray SCC, Crusader, Stanton System
Mission Giver Aciedo
Requirements None
Difficulty Medium
Faction Aciedo
Crusader Security
Parallel Missions Stop Aciedo Techs

Mission Brief

Restore Local Communications

A local pirate clan is disrupting communications in the region by taking Comm Arrays offline. Crusader Security is attempting to reclaim these arrays, but technicians are being recruited to restore the uplinks.


  • Restore the Uplink at Array 126
  • Restore the Uplink at Array 275
  • Restore the Uplink at Array 306
  • Restore the Uplink at Array 472
  • Restore the Uplink at Array 556
  • Restore the Uplink at Array 625
  • Restore the Uplink at Array 730
  • Restore the Uplink at Array 849


Restore Comm Array is a mission with repeatable objectives, whereby the player is tasked with switching Comm Arrays back on, after they have been disabled by either Nine Tails or players who are following the mission Stop Aciedo Techs. Several Nine Tails ships will be waiting when you arrive. They may or may not currently be engaged in combat with Crusader Security. Although combat isn't strictly necessary, it is very difficult to board the array without getting hit, and even if you manage it your ship will probably be destroyed. Comm arrays can be turned back on by EVA-ing into the array and using the terminal within.

Caution: If you press USE twice on the terminal, you will turn the Array back off again and gain a CrimeStat level.

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