Terrestrial Rocky in the Rhetor system
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Reisse : Rhetor III
ClassificationTerrestrial Rocky
AffiliationUnited Empire of Earth
LocationUEE space
Rhetor system
└─ Orbiting Rhetor (star)

Reisse is home to a great number of prestigious institutions of higher learning that offer a variety of education options to people of all walks of life. Despite its growing reputation as a party planet, experts in a wide range of fields, from universal economic theory to the history of Banu oral tradition and everything in between, can be found in Reisse. With many of these experts appearing on Spectrum shows, and the high volume of comms traffic from students, Reisse is believed to have more comms relays near it than any other planet in the 'verse. The planet's youthful population has kept it on the cusp of cultural and political movements for centuries. It has also made it a constant thorn in the side of the UEE. Even the Messer regime struggled to stifle dissent on the planet.

Recently unclassified documents show that the Messers secretly encouraged state-run universities on Reisse to embed operatives into the administration and student population to act as radical and outspoken opponents to their regime, believing that by making these more extreme views front and center, it would help discredit all dissenters on the planet.

Initially the plan worked and Rhetor was considered out of step with the rest of the UEE. Yet, the resistance to Rhetor's radical ideas only taught Messer's opponents how to soften their message for public consumption. Some historians credit the system's outspoken opposition as having a significant influence in helping the public accept Terran Senator Akari's justifications for negotiating a peace treaty with the Xi'an independent of the Messers, as well as laying the foundation for what would come to be considered Transitionalist ideals.

Regardless of the era, Reisse has always been and will continue to be a haven for youthful exuberance and the free exchange of ideas.[1]

Landing Zones


BiotiCorp is currently based outside Candalor.


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