SW16BR2 Sawbuck Ballistic Repeater

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SW16BR2 "Sawbuck"
ManufacturerBehring (BEHR)
TypeBallistic Repeater
Mass1.2 kg
Hit points0
UEC cost10,000
REC cost1,000
Range2,110 m
Whitley rating2/5
Total damage298.7 per second
Physical damage64 per shot
Firing rate280 shots/min
Max. penetration0.5 m

The Behring SW16BR2 "Sawbuck" is a S2 ballistic Ship to Ship weapon.

Store Description

The SW16BR2 Sawbuck is Behring’s contribution to the expanding Ballistic Repeater market. Its sequential-firing tri-barrel configuration offers an effective middle-ground for operator’s looking for a higher rate of fire than a cannon, but without the fear of overheating that you would get with a gatling.[1]