Singe (S3)

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Banu Singe.jpg
Singe (S3)
ManufacturerBanu Souli (BANU)
TypeTachyon Cannon

The Banu Singe (S3) is the size 3 variant of the Singe tachyon cannon. It is a long range, high damage cannon. Like much of the Banu technology, its real origin is unknown, but based on the fact that it differs from other Banu engineering choices, UEE historians suspect they assimilated it from some other culture.[1]

Product description

Made popular by a Banu souli, the Singe tachyon cannon consistently delivers devastating energy damage across vast distances. Though slow to fire, the lightning-fast tachyon projectile strikes targets almost instantaneously, making the Singe a favorite choice for Banu security ships. Although the Banu have long forgotten the origin of this high tech weapon, several unique design choices have led scholars to suspect that the Banu might have appropriated the tech into their culture, instead of inventing it themselves.[2]