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23rd Century

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22nd Century(Previous)

This is a summary of lore events occurring in the 23rd Century in the Star Citizen universe.

2201 – 2300

Date Type Event
2214 Science New version of the RSI engine released, allowing travel up to 1/10th the speed of light. More ships exploring our solar system.[1]
2232 Exploration Launch of humanity's first interstellar starship, Artemis, towards GJ 667Cc.[2]
2243 Commercial AR-Go Technologies was founded by Alana Redmond.[3]
2262 Exploration A series of ships inexplicably disappear in the same area of space. Drawing comparisons to the Bermuda Triangle, the government declares the Neso Triangle a no-fly zone. There is much more myth and conjecture about why this happens than there are hard facts.[4]
2271 Exploration Nick Croshaw investigates the Neso Triangle. He discovers the first Jump Point and becomes the first human to travel to another star system, Croshaw.[5]
2287 Exploration Discovery of the first jump point to the Rhetor system (Croshaw - Rhetor) by Leona Sono and Neil Nyemeto.[6]
2290 Exploration Discovery of the first jump point to the Nul system (Croshaw - Nul) by Antoine Lebec.[7]
2292 Commercial Tarsus Electronics founded by Selma Tontil.[8]
2287, 2317 (between) Exploration Discovery of the first jump point to the Fora system (Rhetor - Fora).


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