Human company in the spacecraft components industry
ACOM - JP0907.svg
IndustrySpacecraft components
ProductsBatteries, cooler, power plants
Manufacturer codeACOM

ACOM is a high-tech vehicle component company that produces batteries, coolers, and power plants with an emphasis on racing. Its products feature distinctive orange and black liveries, and best recognized for its variety of combined words such as HaloLight batteries, QuikCool coolers, StarHeart power plants, etc. In racing circles, the term ACOM has come to have two meanings. The first is an abbreviation of the phrase ‘a commanding lead’ – meaning to pull so far ahead that the rest of the pack doesn't stand a chance of catching up. The second is a more recent usage in that it refers to the start-up manufacturing company who took the phrase as their epithet.[1]


ACOM was founded by the children of famed pit crew chief Garrit Bijarani, siblings Jayce and Zan took four generations of racing knowledge and gave it form in ACOM's full line of power plants and coolers.[2]



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