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Aaron Halo

Asteroid belt asteroid formation in the Stanton system
Aaron Halo Gateway.png
Aaron Halo
TypeAsteroid Formation
ClassificationAsteroid Belt
AffiliationUnited Empire of Earth
LocationUEE space
Stanton system
└─ Orbiting Stanton (star)

The Aaron Halo is a dense torus-shaped asteroid belt within the Stanton system, located roughly between the planets Crusader and ArcCorp. This high-density asteroid belt causes quantum travelling through the asteroid belt nearly impossible. Citizens wishing to travel through the asteroid belt would require to travel via one of the Aaron Halo Gateways owned by ArcCorp. As of Alpha 3.10 the asteroid belt is present within the game, but the gateway structure and prevention of travel is not implemented.


Aaron Halo is comprised primarily of three different mineral types: P-type, M-type, and harvestable minerals.


Miners claim the following minerals to exist within the Aaron Halo belt; Borase, Laranite, Hephaestanite, Titanium, Diamond, Gold, Copper, Tungsten, Corundum, Aluminum, and Hadanite.


Aaron Halo is accessible to anyone within the universe. With no jump point available for quantum travelling, citizens can visit the asteroid belt by quantum travelling from Hurston to ArcCorp and disengage at roughly 9,500,000 km remaining or disengaging at 13,500,000 km remaining from ArcCorp to Hurston.