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First interstellar starship built by Humanity

Artemis was the first interstellar starship built by Humanity. No other ship of this class is known, which made the Artemis unique. Launched in 2232 towards GJ 667Cc[1] , before the discovery of the first Jump Point, it used slower-than-light engines. The ship successfully exited the Solar System and has never been seen again. It is unknown if the ship was destroyed or changed her destination.[2][3]

The ship was fitted with stasis couches, terraforming equipment and supplies. At its helm was an AI Core called Janus. It was blamed for the loss of the ship. Her unknown fate seemed to be a reason why humanity banned the developement of Androids or other advanced KI.

Artemis' maximum crew capacity was 5000.[1][2]

The known crew of Artemis consists of Lisa Danvers (Captain) and Arthur Kenlo (Engineering). Justin Cobb was the Mission Director.

In media

The Artemis and her faith is featured in the short story series The Lost Generation.[4]


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