Terrestrial Rocky in the Ferron system
Asura : Ferron III
ClassificationTerrestrial Rocky
AffiliationUnited Empire of Earth
SenatorOctavia Beate
LocationUEE space
Elysium system
└─ Orbiting Ferron (star)
Landing Zones1

Once considered the system's crown jewel, the vast reserves of valuable ores and minerals that were discovered during Asura's terraforming process made it an economic and political powerhouse. During this extended economic boom, little thought was given to what would become of the world if the mines ever did run dry and only minimal secondary industries were established. Asura was a mining planet to its core, and for nearly four hundred years, every shred of planetary resource was dug up, harvested, refined, and shipped away until there was nothing left. Since then, the planet is fighting mining pollution and criminality. It is faced a planetwide police strike in 2946. Police members were supported later with arms by Kastak Arms "to law enforcement in the hopes that updated armaments will encourage the good guys to return to work".[1]

Depleted into a shell of the planet's former glory, the people descended into poverty. Nowhere is this better represented than in the rapidly deteriorating and crumbling infrastructure of the once great city, Tram.[2]


Landing Zones



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