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Ballista Concept AntiAir.png
ManufacturerAnvil Aerospace (ANVL)
Production stateFlight Ready
Maximum crew2
Cargo capacity0 SCU
Pledge cost140 USD
Maximum speed33 m/s
Length16 m
Beam7 m
Height5.5 m

The Anvil Ballista is an ground vehicle specializing in Anti-Air weaponry, including Ground-to-Air Torpedoes. Featuring eight Size 5 missiles and two size 7 torpedoes along with a pair of Gatling guns in a rotatable turret, the Ballista is a dedicated anti-air vehicle for discouraging any air incursion.


  • Size 5 Anti-Fighter Missiles: An octet of size 5 missiles are perfect for deterring nimble fighters, even capable of destroying a Cutlass in a single hit
  • Size 7 Torpedoes: For larger targets, these torpedoes are more nimble than standard torpedoes, for bringing down Medium-sized threats, such as the Valkyrie or Freelancer
  • Rotatable Turret and Gunner's Seat: All missiles and torpedoes must be fired from the gunner seat in the rear, requiring either the driver to swap positions, or a dedicated gunner to track and fire on targets.
  • Deployable Stabilizers: For a stable platform and to compensate for recoil, stabilizing legs must be deployed while stationary before firing the missiles and torpedoes


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