Caliban III

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Caliban III
ClassificationDesert Planet
LocationCaliban III (RSInotext.svg Ark Starmap)
Natural Satellites1

Caliban III is a desert planet that was initially deemed unworthy of terraforming. However, by the mid-29th century, technology had advanced enough to make it possible. The planet was in the process of becoming Human habitable when the Vanduul attacked during the Fall of Caliban.

Today, the terraforming machinery has crashed into the planet’s surface, and the world is reverting to its original state. With a little hindsight, many wish the credits spent terraforming this world would have instead gone to defending the system. [1]

Natural Satellites

Caliban 3a

Though this lumpy moon is as large as many protoplanets, it does not have sufficient mass to achieve hydrostatic equilibrium.[2]