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Cellin : Stanton 2a
LocationOrbits Crusader
Artificial Satellites1
Equatorial Radius1,562 km (Lore)
260.3 km (Ingame Scale)
Atmospheric Pressure0.001 Earths
Sidereal Rotation26.68 SEH
Axial Tilt0.136°
Density2.16 g/cm³
Tidally LockedYes
Orbital Period7.863668981 SED
Orbital Speed4.71 km/s
Orbital Radius0.0036 AU
Orbital Eccentricity0.067
Aphelion0.0036 AU
Perihelion0.0031 AU
Inclination1.52° (changes)

Cellin is a natural satellite of Crusader. The moon is volcanically active and has (at least) "100 volcanoes".[1]

Named after the youngest of the three siblings featured in the 24th century children’s morality tale, “A Gift for Baba,” this moon features over a hundred currently dormant volcanoes that are said to represent Cellin’s simmering anger.[2][3]
Burning with volcanic activity, Cellin is the counter to her icy sister. Although the volcanoes have been dormant for hundreds of years, the surface is dotted with thermal geysers that erupt without notice. The largest of such geysers can destroy heavy vehicles. Highly corrosive clouds of gas are regularly released from the moon’s surface, creating low visibility and damaging anything caught outside. [4]

Cellin has an extremely thin and toxic atmosphere, rendering it unbreathable. However, the presence of trace amounts of oxygen allows pressure suits to extract breathable O2 from the environment.

Ox Phillip Xu built the first permanent homestead on Cellin in 2906.

On 2904-10-02, Chad Fawley completed the first successful solo circumnavigation of Cellin in a ground vehicle.

Atmospheric Composition

Chemical Formula Full Name Amount
SO2 Sulfur Dioxide 90%
SO Sulfur Monoxide 7%
O2 Dioxygen 3%

Surface Outposts

Gallete Family Farms

Representing a tradition passed down through generations, Gallete Family Farms prides itself on growing quality hydroponics. During Imperator Costigan's 2944 trip to the Stanton System, he shared a meal here. The Imperator hoped his visit would draw attention to the hardworking, independent farmers across the Empire that would benefit from the agricultural subsidies legislation being debated by the Senate at the time.

Hickes Research Outpost

Rayari scientists working here at the Hickes Research Outpost created a revolutionary nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAID) in 2938. The drug, known commonly as Ceprozin, has become widely used during cybernetic replacement surgeries, providing pain relief and curbing inflammation without any of the side effects common with other NSAIDs.

Terra Mills HydroFarm

The Cellin Center HydroFarm is a high-tech research facility operated by food and beverage manufactuer Terra Mills. Here, in 2941, Terra Mills researchers combined Cellin's unique soil composition with genetic augmentation to create a new fruit hybrid named the Terraberry.< citation needed > This uniquely tart, purple berry stays ripe longer than most other berries, making it ideal for interstellar shipping.

Tram & Myers Mining

This mining facility is the registered property of Tram & Myers Mining Corp.

Ashburn Channel Aid Shelter

Crusader's former lead ship designer, Shelly Ashburn, became enamored with this location for its picturesque angle of Crusader on the horizon. She often visited the spot to channel her creative energy, earning it the nickname, Ashburn Channel, among her team. Following her retirement in 2940, the site officially adopted the title.

Flanagan's Ravine Aid Shelter

In 2936, Crusader Industries sponsored a competition to find the best travelogue focused on one of their moons. Donnell Flanagan's account of his exciting experiences took top prize and this location, which featured heavily in his adventures, was named in his honor.

Julep Ravine Aid Shelter

Crusader CEO Kelly Caplan loved the landscape on this part of Cellin and requested that this ravine be named for her dog, Julep.

Mogote Shelter

From 2923 to 2927, a mysterious benefactor took it upon themselves to see that this emergency shelter was stocked with jars of homemade marmalade. First reported by a stranded pilot, as word spread many other travelers would visit the shelter to try the jam for themselves. In 2927, when a reporter attempted to learn who was leaving the sweet treat, the marmalade supply stopped as mysteriously as it began. However, the tradition has been kept alive to this day by the many visitors who continue to leave preserves at the site.

Stash House

Stash location in destroyed Outpost.

Artificial Satellites

Security Post Kareah

A brand new outpost built to house an extended Crusader Security presence in this sector. It is expected to be open and operating soon.



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