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Comm-Link:Empire Report - 2945-02-19

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Empire Report: 2945-02-19
SeriesEmpire Report
TypeSpectrum Dispatch
SourceEmpire Report: 2945-02-19
In the series
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Election Protests - Non-Citizens demand right to vote

Alan Nuevo: Coming up on the Empire Report, election drama begins early as the non-citizens suffrage movement reaches a fever pitch on the streets of New Austin. We'll have live coverage of the protests in progress. And...

Family Planning Policy - Do planets have the right to limit children?

Beck Russum: Do planets have the right to limit the number of children you have? Find out how one Governor is trying to change to procreation practices forever.

Heat Wave!

Alan Nuevo: Heat Wave! Learn how Centauri's slight solar expansion might mean the best beach season Empire has seen in years.

Beck Russum: All that and more on the Empire Report at twenty two hundred SET

Editorial Note: Experimenting with transcripts of the Empire Report short videos in the Around the Verse Shows. Source link is to the AtV episode. Embedded video Courtesy of StarCitizenNewsRadio