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Comm-Link:Empire Report - 2945-06-18

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Empire Report: 2945-06-18
SeriesEmpire Report
TypeSpectrum Dispatch
SourceEmpire Report: 2945-06-18
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Civil War on Charon III: Failed Peace Talks Lead to Heavy Fighting

Beck Russum: Coming up on the Empire Report, peace talks on Charon III collapsed last night, sparking heaving fighting in both states. Dellin Governor Tarquin Klast cites the attack as proof of Archeron's desire to continue fighting.

Ship Insurance Scams: Senate Debates UEE Intervention

Alan Nuevo: Ship insurance scams reach an all time high. With millions of credits on the line will the UEE intervene? If so, what will their involvement mean for you?

Hawksworth's Haute Couture

Beck Russum: Controversy in the fashion world, Hawksworth's spring collection turned more than heads today. Leto Gary is live in London with all the details.

Editorial Note: Experimenting with transcripts of the Empire Report short videos in the Around the Verse Shows. Source link is to the AtV episode. Embedded video Courtesy of StarCitizenNewsRadio