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Moscow Concept Art
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SourceMoscow Concept Art
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Title Published
Comm-Link:Enemy Fighter Concept 2012-10-14
Vanduul Fighter Concept Art 2012-11-18
Spider Concept Art 2013-03-01
UEE Marine Concept Art 2013-03-11
Terra Concept Art 2013-03-15
Moscow Concept Art 2013-03-22
New York Concept Art 2013-04-01

The seat of the United Empire of Earth is, as you might expect, Earth itself. And for our artists that presents a different challenge than the other locations you’ve already seen. It’s one thing to imagine futuristic landscapes like Spider and Terra… but it’s another skill entirely to evolve locations we know on Earth today into the 30th century!

To help develop the world of tomorrow, the team chose a number of varied Earth cities and attempted to imagine them into the future: New York, Beijing and Moscow. Several other cities were also studied and ultimately rejected! The idea was to provide a varied set of options rather than the staple ‘one American city with futuristic buildings’ that many franchises rely on.

As with the previous environmental concept art, this “look and feel” piece will be used to capture the overall mood of the place as we design further. Artists were asked to provide different environments for each city and to build from their current day appearance, ultimately dwarfing the recognizable historical landmarks we expect to last another millennia. Today you get a look at the first of these environments, Moscow. Next, we will design specific locations in these Earth cities and elsewhere In the system!

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