Comm-Link:Terra Concept Art

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Terra Concept Art
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SourceTerra Concept Art
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Title Published
Comm-Link:Enemy Fighter Concept 2012-10-14
Vanduul Fighter Concept Art 2012-11-18
Spider Concept Art 2013-03-01
UEE Marine Concept Art 2013-03-11
Terra Concept Art 2013-03-15
Moscow Concept Art 2013-03-22
New York Concept Art 2013-04-01

Greetings Citizens,

We leave you for the week with one more piece of concept art. This is Terra, one of the most powerful worlds of the United Empire of Earth. Resource-rich and located at an economically important set of jump nexuses, Terra is the rising power in the galaxy… but could it ever eclipse Earth itself?

Chris showed Terra during his SXSW talk and we’re excited to hear your feedback! As with the Spider concept art shown last week, this is a “look and feel” environmental piece. It’s used to capture the overall mood and atmosphere for the system. Our artists will use this piece for creating specific locations and for expanding the world in many directions!

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