Comm-Link:Vanduul Fighter Concept Art

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Vanduul Fighter Concept Art
SeriesConcept Art
SourceVanduul Fighter Concept Art
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Title Published
Comm-Link:Enemy Fighter Concept 2012-10-14
Vanduul Fighter Concept Art 2012-11-18
Spider Concept Art 2013-03-01
UEE Marine Concept Art 2013-03-11
Terra Concept Art 2013-03-15
Moscow Concept Art 2013-03-22
New York Concept Art 2013-04-01

To give you a better idea of how the Cloud Imperium team creates a fighter, we thought it would be good to share some of the initial sketches that went in to designing the Vanduul fighter. After coming up with the idea for the ship, we asked Jim Martin to do the initial sketches. He came back with these varied ideas and we developed the fighter you see in the trailer from there! This is the kind of material you’ll find in the subscription program’s “Vault” feature—a look at ‘paths not taken’ as we create Star Citizen!

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