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CommArray SCC

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Owned and operated by Aciedo, these communication arrays provide comm coverage and ECN services to a sector of space. Their functionality or lack thereof is determined by gameplay. Each planet or moon in a UEE system is usually orbited by one of these stations.

List of known stations

Planet Comm Array Coverage Area
ArcCorp ST3-18 Lyria
ST3-35 Wala
ST3-90 ArcCorp
Crusader ST2-28 Cellin
ST2-47 Daymar
ST2-55 Crusader
ST2-76 Yela
Hurston ST1-02 Ita
ST1-13 Arial
ST1-48 Magda
ST1-61 Hurston
ST1-92 Aberdeen
MicroTech ST4-22 MicroTech
ST4-31 Calliope
ST4-59 Clio
ST4-64 Euterpe