CommArray SCC

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Crusader WIP 09.jpg
CommArray SCC
Type Space Station
Classification Communications
Orbits Crusader
Habitable No
Affiliation UEE
Crusader Industries
Owner UEE

Owned and operated by Aciedo, these communication arrays provide comm coverage and ECN services to this sector of space. Their functionality or lack thereof is determined by gameplay. Each planet in a UEE system is usually orbited by several of these stations.

Individual Stations


  • Comm Array ST1-13
  • Comm Array ST1-61
  • Comm Array ST1-92
  • Comm Array ST1-48


  • Comm Array ST2-47
  • Comm Array ST2-28
  • Comm Array ST2-76
  • Comm Array ST2-55


  • Comm Array ST3-35
  • Comm Array ST3-18
  • Comm Array ST3-90
  • Comm Array ST3-02