Crusader Industries

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Crusader Industries
HeadquartersCrusader, Stanton
IndustrySpaceship and Thruster Manufacturing
Manufacturer CodeCRSD
Current CEOKelly Caplan
FounderAugust Dunlow

Crusader Industries is a corporation focused on manufacturing commercial transport ships.


Constructs and operates commercial transports for lower to middle income families. Has defense contracts with government to make military thrusters. Owns one of the planets in the Stanton System.[1], and has jurisdiction in local space in the form of Crusader Security.


Crusader Industries currently produces three ships, the LH307 Genesis Starliner (a mid-range passenger spacecraft), C2 Hercules Starlifter (a large civilian cargo ship, alternatively available in two military variants) and the Mercury Star Runner (a medium sized blockade runner). The Empire's sitting Imperator travels in a highly customized Starliner codenamed Imperator One.

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