Moon in the Stanton system
Daymar : Stanton 2b
AffiliationUnited Empire of Earth
LocationUEE space
Stanton system
└─ Orbiting Crusader
Artificial Satellites1
Equatorial Radius1,771 km (Lore)
295.2 km (Ingame Scale)
Atmospheric Pressure0.54 atm
Sidereal Rotation14.9 SEH
Axial Tilt29.77°
Density3.95 g/cm³
Tidally LockedNo
Orbital Period10.94109954 SED
Orbital Speed4.223 km/s
Orbital Radius0.00423 AU
Orbital Eccentricity0.0015
Aphelion0.00424 AU
Perihelion0.00423 AU
Inclination6.011° (changes)

Daymar or Stanton 2b is a natural satellite of Crusader. It is named after one of the siblings from a tale called A Gift for Baba. The nearly circular orbit is said to represent 'his ease at getting lost in the story'. Darnell Ajay built the first permanent homestead on Daymar in 2906. [citation needed]


Daymar has a non-breathable nitrogen-methane atmosphere with trace amounts of hydrogen and is toxic to humans without breathing equipment. Dust storms are a frequent occurrence close to the surface, resulting in low-visibility conditions.

Height 30,000 m
Surface pressure 0.54 atm
Surface temperature range Day


40 – 150 °C

-90 – 20 °C

Chemical Formula Full Name Amount
N Nitrogen 98.4%
CH4 Methane 1.4%
H Hydrogen 0.2%

Surface points of interest

Name Type Description
ArcCorp Mining Area 141 Mining outpost A mining facility owned and operated by ArcCorp.
Bountiful Harvest Hydroponics Farm outpost Bountiful Harvest Hydroponics is dedicated to growing the best nature has to offer. Crusader Industries commends Bountiful Harvest Hydroponics for their extraordinary response to those in need on Vega II. Following the horrific Vanduul attacks on 2945-10-05, Bountiful Harvest produced and donated more emergency food supplies for the Vega relief effort than any other outpost on Crusader's moons. This outpost's extraordinary sacrifice serves as a reminder that the UEE will always stand behind those who come face-to-face with the Vanduul threat.[citation needed]
Brio's Breaker Yard Scrapyard An unmarked scrapyard outpost.
Dunlow Ridge Aid Shelter Emergency shelter This ridge was named for Crusader's former CEO August Dunlow. Many credit Dunlow's vision as instrumental into transforming Crusader Industries into the company it is today. With that in mind, Dunlow Ridge, with its expansive view of the Daymar landscape, was named in his honor.[citation needed]
Eager Flats Aid Shelter Emergency shelter This section of Daymar became known as Eager Flats after an eccentric artist who called it home. Norman Eager gained notoriety in the 2920s for constructing a series of art installations so massive they could be seen by ships flying above the flats. Deemed 'ephemeral art' by Eager, the pieces were not meant to be permanent. Instead, they were slowly degraded and buried by the moon's constantly swirling sands.[citation needed]
Kudre Ore Mining outpost An independent mining facility.
Kudre Ore Mine (Closed) Cave An independent mining site no longer in active operation.
Nuen Waste Management Drug stash outpost Caution: Hazardous Waste Site. Authorized Personnel Only.
NT-999-XVI Underground bunker $%/3.0_N/A
Security Post Moluto Underground bunker Security post operated by Crusader Security for local monitoring and storage. Trespassing not allowed.
Security Post Prashad Underground bunker Security post operated by Crusader Security for local monitoring and storage. Trespassing not allowed.
Security Post Thaquray Underground bunker Security post operated by Crusader Security for local monitoring and storage. Trespassing not allowed.
Shubin Mining Facility SCD-1 Mining outpost A mining facility owned and operated by Shubin Interstellar.
Tamdon Plains Aid Shelter Emergency shelter The Tamdon Plains were named in honor of Advocacy agent Crista Tamdon, who in 2912 was killed in the line of duty after being ambushed while crossing these plains in pursuit of a suspect.[citation needed]
The Garden Underground bunker How does yours grow?
TPF Underground bunker For those with discerning taste.
UEES Flyssa Wrecked ship In 2862, the UEES Flyssa was lost on Daymar, with all 65 hands.[1] The wreck remains on the surface to this day, though only the metal superstructure of the ship has survived the last century of looting and erosion.
Wolf Point Aid Shelter Emergency shelter Situated above a junction of multiple canyons, Wolf Point earned its name thanks to Crusader surveyor Cally Stroble who had noted excitedly in her initial report that "Against all odds, it seems a family of wolf-like creatures somehow has found a way to settle the area. Their cries can be heard for kilometers around." However, when further investigation proved that the wolves were merely a prank by a fellow surveyor, the name stuck.[citation needed]

Artificial Satellites


On 2904-03-17, Meiko Norwood collapsed here while loading soil samples into her ship. She passed away later that day due to complications with an artificial heart valve, making her the first person to die on Daymar.[citation needed]


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