Single asteroid asteroid formation in the Nyx system

Delamar: Nyx III
TypeAsteroid Formation
ClassificationSingle Asteroid
LocationGlaciem Ring orbiting Nyx (star)
Orbiting Stanton (star) in 3.0
Natural Satellites0
Artificial Satellites1
Landing Zones1
Equatorial Radius448 km (Lore)
74.6 km (Ingame Scale)
Atmospheric Pressure0 Earths

Delamar is a natural dwarf planet-sized asteroid hidden deep in the Glaciem Ring in Nyx System.

The current settlement was formed by free-thinkers during the oppressive Messer era and remains a hotbed for political radicals and anti-UEE sentiment to this day. As the ‘place to hide’ reputation of the Nyx system has expanded, an increasing number of criminals have moved in, the result being an ongoing conflict between small criminal groups and political radicals who feel that outright illegal activities undermine their message. Delamar can be visited by anyone passing through the system, although there is a strong sense of paranoia. Everyone involved in running the station seems perpetually afraid of a massive police raid which they believe is constantly moments away from happening. The truth is that the planetoid is so well hidden and so difficult to reach that the UEE has never seriously considered dispatching forces to eliminate it (not to mention the fact that the dissidents remaining are fairly toothless, generally coming off in the media as protesting the government simply for the sake of protesting.)[1]

Landing zones


This mining facility was abandoned for years before UEE refugees took up residence. Dedicated to creating an egalitarian society, the People's Alliance wanted to build the kind of community that the Messers had taken away. Levski has evolved into a self-sustaining port of political activists and those wishing to escape the eye of the Empire.[2]

Artificial satellites

Upper Orbit Station


Although Delamar belongs to the Nyx system, it was temporarily added to the Stanton system in Alpha 3.0 for testing purposes and to give criminal elements a base for their operations. As of Alpha 3.9, Delamar still resides in the Stanton system, but plans are in place to move the asteroid to its lore-friendly location in a future patch.



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