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Echo Eleven

Space station
Echo Eleven
Type Space Station
Classification Civilian
Orbits Nexus (star)
Habitable Yes
Affiliation Outlaw

A former extraction facility built into the asteroid that it was servicing, Echo Eleven was built by the Hathor Group within the Elcibre Belt and abandoned as they abandoned the system. Since then, it's become a den for squatters and outlaws. Recently, it's been used by some of the more aggressive outlaw packs to stage surgical strikes on UEE forces. The base has been launched into the public consciousness after a series of high-risk Advocacy raids attempted to take out members of Argul Dawn, which had been preying on supply ships for weeks.

In Media

Echo Eleven (map)

The Star Marine scenario "Echo Eleven" takes place in 2935 as the Marines infiltrate the overrun station.

Since Demien represents a civilian station, Echo Station gives the outlaw perspective. This place has much more visual history and color, since people have been living here in some form or another for hundreds of years. Echo 11 is a facility within an asteroid, featuring a number of large spaces connected by a network of tight corridors. The only EVA space is in the centre point of the map and is primarily used to take short cuts to avoid the aforementioned corridors. Demien is bright; Echo is grim, dark and seedy - a camper's delight.