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Gainey : Odin 1a
LocationOrbits Odin I

Gainey is a former natural satellite of the destroyed Odin I, now known as The Coil. It has a weak atmosphere. The moon is used for fracking operations and built up with gas refinement plants.[1]

"Odin's I former moon, known as Gainey, still drifts near the remnants of the planet."

–Starmap description [2]

Vertical Slice Demo

Gainey is orbited by a large debris field in the Squadron 42 Vertical Slice Demo, set in 2945. It is implied in the commentary that the abundance of debris was not intended by the developers. The debris field consists of old defunct space stations and ship wreckages. The OMC controls a Base on the moon, which is heavily defended by anti-air turrets. Orbital debris rains down, burning in the atmosphere, being shot down by the turrets - which may simply exist to defend the surface from debris.