Havoc Scattergun Sharkmouth Edition

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Havoc Scattergun Sharkmouth Edition
ManufacturerApocalypse Arms (APAR)
TypeBallistic Scattergun
Mass1.2 kg
Hit points0
Range1,508 m
Total damage62 per second
Physical damage31 per shot
Firing rate120 shots/min
Max. penetration0.5 m

Personal defense has never been more fun than with this size-one scattergun from Apocalypse Arms strapped onto your ship of choice. With its devastating effectiveness at close range, the Havoc scattergun is sure to make any up-close dogfight feel even more personal. Plus, with the exclusive aggressive styling of the Sharkmouth Edition, you can be happy knowing that the last thing that many of your enemies will see is the grinning sneer of your Havoc as it unleashes fire and hell.


The Havoc Scattergun Sharkmouth Edition is a Concierge Perk that is given out exclusively to backers of the rank Legatus (USD $25k pledged) or higher.