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Human (Homo sapiens, ssp. Homo sapiens sapiens) is an intelligent humanoid species in the Star Citizen universe.


The species is originated from Earth, Sol.


Human will be the only player character option for Squadron 42. Other species is planned for Star Citizen but only human would be offered initially.


Average 130 earth years.[1] Approximately 140 maximum.[2]

Relativistic effects and cryo-stasis not withstanding.

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  1. Dave Haddock in DragonCon Bar Citizen 2017: Q. Drake ex-CEO Jan Dredge was well over 100 years old before she left the position. Is this common, or is there a lore error? Dave says since the average life span is 130+ it is not uncommon to see high level executives working this long. It is similar to a current day CEO working into her 70's.
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